Hawick Lau (劉愷威), please stop messing with your face

17 Dec

I remember Hawick Lau when he was first in TVB. He was always a pretty handsome guy.

He was born with single eyelids. Remark that he really has single eyelids here…no crease.

He got his first double eyelid job when he left TVB, probably around 2003.

I was watching A thousand tears and I thought gee Hawick looks a bit different. He definitely got a subtle double eyelid job.


It wasn’t a bad job. Hawick being an actor has to look good…I understand. Look at the new, small but evident eyelids.

Then, I noticed Hawick in a recent drama, Niang Qi and he definitely got a more obvious double eyelid job, which made me really sad…cause I CAN’T RECOGNIZE HIM! It really changed his whole face!

I can definitely tell that he recently got these eyelids freshly done from the swelling…too bad screenshots don’t capture it all.

I also noticed most of the girls in the drama had double eyelid surgery. I can definitely spot some scars and see that even some of the men look like they just got them done.

Actually in this photo…most of the swelling is gone, but I think his face is so different!

What do you think of the surgery….he looked before. I definitely think China is heading towards the trend of having its artists have more and more plastic surgery.


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